Adding Sugars to Forages to Help Ensilement

As outlined in my previous article about managing nitrogen use in multi cut silages (June 2018), sugar is a crucial component in forage ensilement and boosting energy supply in all forages.  Sugars are referred to as water soluble carbohydrates (WSC) in a grass plant.  Lactic acid is produced from WSC which stabilise the forage and […]

Dairy Visit – FCG Tour

This years FCG consultants summer tour looked at an existing clients Autumn & Spring block of 10,000 litre cows in Wiltshire.  The cows are currently achieving 3,500 litres from forage and 330 litres from grass.  The current operation is very restricted, and expansion is difficult.  Cows are fed three diets; a fresh M+38 litres, M+45 […]

Improving the Beef Enterprise

One of the sectors predicted to be most severely affected by any new agricultural policy following Brexit is the Beef and Lamb sector.  Currently this sector is highly reliant on area payments.  With this in mind, AHDB Beef and Lamb have established a network of ten strategic farms on which they are working to demonstrate […]

Heat Stress – Andrew Jones

Heat stress can be an issue when temperatures exceed the comfort zone (thermo neutral zone) of 25oC, known as the upper critical temperature (UCT). At temperatures above the UCT, cows become highly stressed and use two main control strategies to maintain thermal balance: 1. Increasing heat dispersion, in particular through evaporation, by increasing subcutaneous blood flow […]