Business Briefing Newsletter March 2018

Welcome to the March edition of the  Farm Consultancy Group  Business Briefing Newsletter.   In this issue the feature article from the Carmarthen office questions do grass leys suiting your farm? plus more topics including shedding gates, milk response to feeding concentrates, BPS 2018, slurry and manure values, a young people into agriculture scheme and an article Australian dairy industry following […]

Business Briefing Newsletter for February 2018

Welcome to the second Farm Consultancy Group  Business Briefing Newsletter for 2018.   In this issue topics include energy consumption, dehydration in calves, reducing your tax, farm labour, the economic cost of producing poor grass silage and much more. Dairy Farm Energy Consumption – Gerard Finnan (Sherborne) With oil prices at a three year high, electricity prices are on […]

Business Briefing Newsletter for January 2018

Welcome to the first Farm Consultancy Group  Business Briefing Newsletter for 2018.   In this January issue topics include Greening, RDPE, fertiliser planning, GPDO planning and milk production. Calne Dairy Discussion Group : Financial Benchmarking 2016-17 – Wesley Habershon (Chippenham) The most recent Calne Dairy Discussion Group meeting focussed on the financial benchmarking of 12 Calne Dairy Discussion Group members […]

Business Briefing December 2017

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter for December 2017.  Discussion Is Great – Ed Warren (Sherborne) I have, over the last few months, attended various discussion group meetings on my learning curve with Midwest Consulting.  I am always inspired by the way a group can help individual farms improve what they do.  The […]