NEW Farming Rules for Water

The New ‘Farming Rules for Water’ came in to place on 2nd April 2018.  Whilst termed as ‘new’ rules, there is a substantial overlap with the existing requirements set through Cross Compliance.  The aim of these rules being to deliver the obligations contained in the EU Water Framework Directive (Article 11(3) to reduce diffuse pollution, […]

Accessing Rearer Compound Energy Level?

There are various ways to decipher the energy/quality of a concentrate by looking at a specific area on a feed ticket.  Here I have outlined two 16% rearer nuts by different feed companies.  The way that we can achieve this is by looking at: • Oil & Fat level • Ash level • Fibre level • Where is Calcium […]

Pneumonia – A Brief Outline

21% of all disease in pre-weaned calves and 46.5% of all deaths post weaning are due to pneumonia.  The average cost of treating a single case is £43.26, 2.2% reduction in 1st lactation yield and a two week delay to 1st service (Tilling, 2018).  Once pneumonia occurs the lungs are damaged permanently leading to health […]

Business Briefing December 2017

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter for December 2017.  Discussion Is Great – Ed Warren (Sherborne) I have, over the last few months, attended various discussion group meetings on my learning curve with Midwest Consulting.  I am always inspired by the way a group can help individual farms improve what they do.  The […]