Countryside Stewardship: Four New Offers for 2018

There are now four new Countryside Stewardship grants available to farmers and landowners.  These schemes are simpler and easier to apply for than the full Countryside Stewardship Schemes.  The four new offers (Online Arable Offer, Lowland Grazing Offer, Upland Offer and Mixed Farming Offer) are each more tailored to the different types of farming systems.  […]

New Year, New Greening Rules!

There are some key changes to the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) which will take effect from the 1st January 2018, including: • Active Farmer – Member States have the option to drop the “active farmer” rule. DEFRA is considering this at the moment and this may take effect in England for BPS 2018 and should be […]

Fertiliser Planning

With fertiliser prices increasing by £70 per tonne, or more, compared to the summer, it is all the more important to ensure that you plan correctly for individual crops so that you are using the right amount of fertiliser to achieve the desired yield and quality. The base of any fertiliser plan has to be […]

Magnesium an Essential Nutrient

Although magnesium is classed as a secondary nutrient it is still highly important for the growing crop.  It is involved in the forming of chlorophyll, photosynthesis and energy transfer. Deficiency signs are similar to nitrogen deficiency, with the tips of leaves turning yellow and then spreading down the remainder of the leaf. In grassland particularly, […]