Business Briefing October 2017

Welcome to The Farm Consultancy Group Business Briefing Newsletter for October 2017. 

Further Funding Available Through LEADER Grant Funding – Harry Edwards (Gloucester)

 LEADER grant funding is available for projects to improve farm productivity, such as direct drills, GPS systems, mobile sheep and cattle handling systems as well as farm diversification projects such as farm shops, shepherd huts, collaborative grain drying facilities or pack houses for example. Local Action Groups who Read more ...

Maize – Flint or Dent? – Wesley Habershon (Chippenham)

The pericarp or outer shell of the Maize corn was intended to protect the Maize germ until germination, but it also restricts bacterial access in the rumen.  The role of maize silage and a corn cracker is to break this defence (shell) allowing access to both the soft and hard endosperm.  Dent Maize has a soft dent in the top  Read more...

Mid-Tier 2018 – Application Window Changes? – Harry Edwards (Gloucester)

A number of Natural England managers have confirmed that for 2018 they are looking to bring the current deadline to submit applications forward from 30th Sept to 31st July.  Given how many ... Read more ...

Sulphur in Soils – Phil Cooper (Sherborne)

We all know that there is less Sulphur being released into the atmosphere and that’s a good thing for the future.  It does mean though that crops need to receive more Sulphur applied by either FYM, slurry or inorganic fertilisers.  Sulphur is available Read more...

Forward Market Performance - Charles Holt (Lincoln)

FMP is AHDB’s market indicator which tracks the difference between current market prices and prices of the small amount of dairy product traded on futures contracts.  The table below indicates that the FMP calculates that the milk price trend turned upwards again as from August 2017, having stalled last month. Please note also that the price in ppl is my estimate, not that of AHDB.   Read more...

Keep Bedding Costs Under Control - Max Sealy (Chippenham)

Many farms are finding themselves short of straw with yields, in particular on late harvested crops, being some 30-40% down on expectations.  With prices of straw looking to rise sharply over coming months, now is a good time to look at bedding strategies and whether there are alternatives to using straw at high cost.   Read more...

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