Improving the Beef Enterprise

One of the sectors predicted to be most severely affected by any new agricultural policy following Brexit is the Beef and Lamb sector.  Currently this sector is highly reliant on area payments.  With this in mind, AHDB Beef and Lamb have established a network of ten strategic farms on which they are working to demonstrate […]

Don’t Forget the Clover

With energy prices rising around the world, it is almost inevitable that next seasons nitrogen fertiliser will be considerably more expensive than the material that is currently sat in your barn.  With this in mind, and the continuing volatility of milk prices, farmers should consider the benefits that can be derived from including sufficient clover […]

Recruiting and Training Staff

Retaining a motivated workforce is critical for any business and is far from straight forward.  Too often we hear of issues that, with hindsight, could have been avoided.   There are a number of specific areas that employers can manage to help themselves. This starts before the recruitment process with the preparation of a detailed job […]

The Organic Milk Market Update

The recent Organic Market report reveals that sales of organic food increased by 6% in 2017.  This compares to an increase of 2.4% for food in general.  This is the sixth year of growth for the sector.  Dairy continues to be the leading segment with a number of strong brands attracting loyal support and leading […]