Clamping Soya Hulls with Fodder Beet

This year’s grass silage is of variable quality and of key concern is (1) the imbalance of energy to protein and (2) the low sugar levels, especially in many second cut silages.  Typically, wet mixes such as Brewers Grains or mixtures of raw materials (i.e. Brewers Grains, wheatfeed, rape meal, syrup, citrus pulp) are used […]

Maize – Flint or Dent?

The pericarp or outer shell of the Maize corn was intended to protect the Maize germ until germination, but it also restricts bacterial access in the rumen.  The role of maize silage and a corn cracker is to break this defence (shell) allowing access to both the soft and hard endosperm.  Dent Maize has a […]

Achieving 30%+ Milk from Forage on 9,500 litre Cows

On all client farms we set the target to boost milk from forage, improve feed efficiency and reduce feed cost per litre.  More milk from forage leads to healthier rumens and less reliance on concentrate and increased business profitability.  The bedrock of good performance is good forages leading to higher dry matter intakes. In the […]

Maize Harvest Points 2018

There is less dry matter loss from maize silage, but some important points are required if you are to maximise its potential. When to Cut? Target dry matter between 30-35%.  A crop 5 weeks from maturity increases in dry matter by about 2.5% each week, therefore a crop at 25% dry matter should be ready in […]