Managing Grass But Not Compromising High Yielders in a Slow Spring

The late start to spring will have implications for both grass quality and cow performance. Grass quality is invariably compromised particularly where over wintered wedges have not been grazed, leading to lower energy grass with less water-soluble carbohydrates.  We have seen a significant range in grass values in the early season, particularly where fields were […]

Grazing 10,000 Litre Cows at Grass During Peak Yields

It is commonly stated that it is not possible to graze a high genetic merit cow at grass, especially during early lactation and serving. The attached rations demonstrate a current client ration (1) before grazing and (2) with 5 hours of grazing introduced.  In 2017 season this spring block group not only saved significant feed […]

Accessing Rearer Compound Energy Level?

There are various ways to decipher the energy/quality of a concentrate by looking at a specific area on a feed ticket.  Here I have outlined two 16% rearer nuts by different feed companies.  The way that we can achieve this is by looking at: • Oil & Fat level • Ash level • Fibre level • Where is Calcium […]