Identifying and Treating Dehydration/Scouring in Calves

Death typically occurs if a calf loses 12% of body weight.  Considering a calf can lose 5-10% of bodyweight in a day, quick identification and treatment is paramount (Garthwaite et al., 1994).  It is important that all farms have a protocol on how to deal with scouring/dehydration, with all employees capable of identifying and treating […]

The Financial Cost of Producing Poor Grass Silage

I was recently involved with Yara in writing an article for the Farmers Guardian (February 2018) on the economic cost of producing a poor grass silage.  I based my workings on two similar farms who had contrasting forages but different feed rates.  Table 1 demonstrates the difference between the two forages. The poor silage was […]

Collaboration With Your Vet To Resolve Nutritional Issues

A vet is a useful set of eyes on farm and we have struck up some exciting partnerships with the Farmer, Workforce, Nutritionist, Consultant and Vet. By working as a team, we can work towards profitability and improving health traits. In the previous month’s article, I spoke about water sources and the potential pitfall when […]