NWTG – Pre-Harvest Health & Safety Training

Appropriate training of staff on farms is becoming ever more important, not only for health and safety reasons but also for employee’s continual professional development (CPD).  Here in Wiltshire, we are fortunate that the North Wiltshire Training Group (NWTG) operates in this part of the country.  NWTG is a not for profit organisation that facilitates […]

Hedge Trimming Derogations

GAEC 7a – Boundaries; bans the cutting or trimming of hedges/trees between 1st March and 31st August 2018. However, if OSR or temporary grassland will be sown during August 2018, a derogation from this GAEC 7a requirement can be applied for to allow any hedges (or trees) associated with those land parcels to be cut […]

Grant Success Stories and Grant Updates

I have not been in my role at The Farm Consultancy Group for as many years as some of my ‘more experienced’ colleagues, however, over my 3 years I have never seen, (I’m sure my colleagues will agree) so many grants available at one time.  Whether this is BREXIT related or not, now is a […]

NEW Farming Rules for Water

The New ‘Farming Rules for Water’ came in to place on 2nd April 2018.  Whilst termed as ‘new’ rules, there is a substantial overlap with the existing requirements set through Cross Compliance.  The aim of these rules being to deliver the obligations contained in the EU Water Framework Directive (Article 11(3) to reduce diffuse pollution, […]