Countryside Stewardship: Four New Offers for 2018

There are now four new Countryside Stewardship grants available to farmers and landowners.  These schemes are simpler and easier to apply for than the full Countryside Stewardship Schemes.  The four new offers (Online Arable Offer, Lowland Grazing Offer, Upland Offer and Mixed Farming Offer) are each more tailored to the different types of farming systems.  […]

Permanent Pasture and the BPS Rules

For Basic Payment Scheme purposes, permanent grassland may (in general) be reseeded or ploughed.  Any individual farmer may plough up ‘permanent pasture’, as the restrictions regarding this apply to the UK as a whole.  The Government is required to ensure that the area of Permanent Grassland does not fall below 95% of the reference area […]

Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship Update

2016 Applications (2017 Scheme Year Start) – There are quite a few applications to be approved yet, but most haven’t been rejected.  Natural England (NE) has been requesting additional information.  On one application for over a £100k capital grants, NE have asked the applicant to proceed with planning permission, indicating that they will approve subject […]

Countryside Stewardship 2018 Application Window Now Open

The application window for Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship has now opened, and will close on September 30th.  Agreements run for five years and involve making environmental improvements, such as improving the environment for pollinators, farm wildlife and birds.  You can also apply for capital works within the agreement, for items such as concrete yard renewal and […]