Update on Grants

As with many grants that have been available for the last few years, with Brexit soon to be upon us, certain grants have now finished, with the rest due to finish once we finally leave Europe.  The recent RDPE Growth Programme grants finished at the end of May, which saw good opportunities for those with […]

‘Stamp Out BVD’ Funding

As of the 21st June, a new funding package was announced by Defra and SAC Consulting.  £5.7 million will be available to cattle breeders in England to help tackle BVD. BVD costs farmers up to £60m/year in reduced growth, poor health from pneumonia and diarrhoea, increased infertility and higher rates of foetal death.  Rigorous testing […]

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Environmental Impact Assessments and its regulations can often be overlooked/forgotten when planning to change farming practices on the farm.  The intentions of the regulations, which are taken from the EU directive, are to assess the ‘effects of certain public and private projects on the environment’.  Within agriculture, there are a few instances where an EIA […]

NFU Business Symposium – January 24th 2018

The recent NFU Business Symposium offered a variety of speakers with an overall, positive message.  The theme of the meeting was ‘Opportunity Agriculture: Managing Business Change’, with discussions from NFU policy to consultant roles and the exchange of knowledge.  Brexit was a prominent theme throughout the day, with speakers emphasising the subsequent change and, therefore, […]