Fresh Start

No, this is not a new energy drink or breakfast cereal, it is an initiative that has been set up to help put land owners, who no longer want to actively farm, together with farmers or new entrants who want to start farming.  The aim is to act as a “dating agency” for both sides […]

Land Values

The recent survey of land values, both rental and purchase, undertaken by RICS and RAU makes some interesting reading for both tenants and landlords, and buyers and sellers. On the sales side the report gives two figures.  The transaction based figures, based on actual land sold shows prices dropping with the average sitting at £10,257 […]

Can You Work 20 Hours Per Annum Per Cow?

Do you know how many hours you work in a year?  How does this compare to your peers?  Is your work rate good or bad, efficient or not?  These are key questions you should be asking yourself when assessing your business and its efficiency.  With increasing demands on business owners, time not just from within […]

Reducing Your Tax Bill

I recently attended a joint family meeting with one of my clients and their accountant.  Over the years the business has grown and is now making considerable profits, which naturally lead to higher tax bills. The business structure has not however, kept up with the increases in profitability and still has only two partners, both […]