Dairy Farm Energy Consumption

With oil prices at a three year high, electricity prices are on the increase by as much as 30% quoted for farm contract renewals, it is an opportune time to review best practice, work out where you use the electric on your farm and ascertain how efficient this use is. On a dairy farm milk […]

Dairy Farmer of the Year – Neville and Sue Loder

Looking back at 2017, we’ve learnt that the way we have set up our grass based dairy business is very resilient to milk price volatility.  Even when the milk price is low we are still able to make a profit and reinvest in our business. This has been achieved by a tight 10 week calving […]

Farm Labour Efficiency

Optimal Labour Resources for Sustainability (195 cows avg. survey). Cows   Spring (Feb-Apr) < 150   10.9 hrs/day 150-250  16.6 > 250   24 Per Year Labour on a block calved herd can be broken down into the following areas – 33% of time milking, 29% cow care (feeding etc.), 11% grassland management, 10% farm management, 27% other.  In an on farm […]

Eight Farming Rules for Water 2018

Some new, some existing and some revised rules to manage water better are being introduced from April 2018.  These rules will require good farming practice so that farmers manage their land to avoid pollution and benefit their business.  Soil testing every five years will become compulsory to help plan use of fertilisers and manures and […]