Not All Fats Are Created Equal – Andrew Jones

With current feed (cereal) prices, as well as the increase in solid based milk contracts you may already be, or considering, using a fat in your cow’s diet, but are you using the right fat? They can also play an important role in achieving the correct energy density (M/D) of your diet particularly during this […]

Agflation Beware!

Oil prices have increased by 68% in the last 12 months ($44 to $474 per barrel).  Wheat prices have increased by 10%, spot vs June 2017 and futures for November are 15% higher than November 2017 actual prices. Fertiliser prices are 20% higher now for new season Nitrogen vs 2017.  These three commodities will make […]

Heat Stress – Andrew Jones

Heat stress can be an issue when temperatures exceed the comfort zone (thermo neutral zone) of 25oC, known as the upper critical temperature (UCT). At temperatures above the UCT, cows become highly stressed and use two main control strategies to maintain thermal balance: 1. Increasing heat dispersion, in particular through evaporation, by increasing subcutaneous blood flow […]

Salvaging a Difficult Spring

The two graphs below depict how much grass was available for grazing when this 8,000 litre split block calved herd turned out to grass on the 16th April 2018, and where it was three weeks later on the 7th May. Any cover over 3,200kgs is very difficult to get grazed down to 1,700kgs. This herd […]