Milk Lactose Levels – Andrew Jones

You may have noticed (depending on your milk buyer) that NML have now started testing for Lactose with your milk samples, but what is Lactose and what is it an indication of? Lactose is a disaccharide and is made up of two simple sugars, one glucose molecule and one galactose molecule, so it is therefore […]

Paddocking to Increased Profit

Paddock systems do not have to be expensive.  The cheapest system will work and it is important to keep things simple.  This was a key message from a recent Irish Grassland Association (IGA) grazing infrastructure event. It is very difficult to maximise grass utilisation without implementing a paddock system; growing grass doesn’t generate the profit […]

Late Spring?

After a challenging spring weather wise, with hopefully better weather ahead, are you prepared to turn out cattle to grass?  Just because grass growth has been delayed or you are later getting fertiliser applied, doesn’t mean cattle cannot go out once the weather warms up.  Farmers more often admit that in hindsight, cattle could have […]

Soil Analysis Today!

Probably the best return on investment on your farms is in your soil, and fertility is just one aspect in this complex yet crucial resource in your business.  From dealing with some top grass farmers in our consultancy business, I note that they grow 15T+ of grass per Ha, but not all their soils are […]