Intervention Stocks of SMP

We are all aware of the vast quantity of SMP in intervention, at around 380,000 tonnes.  The last tender run by the EU managed to shift just 4,337 tonnes of the stuff, at €1,110 per tonne.  Offered prices ranged from €650 to €1,270 per tonne, and are well down on the actual selling price the […]


The government’s consultation paper suggests payments to farmers in future will only be available to those who toe the “green line”, and there is little in it to help food production at all.  So, it clearly reveals a desire to allow some farmers to farm in a way that will force them to maximize returns […]

Forward Market Performance

Forward Market Performance (FMP) is AHDB’s market indicator and suggests, in the table below, that the milk price trend has now reversed, and a small move upwards is possible from June.  One must remember that these estimates are based on small amounts of product traded as futures on the European Energy Exchange.  Please note that […]

Slurry and Manure Values

I have recently received an email from NRM, who we use for analysis work, as follows: “It’s that time of year when organic manures and slurries are either being applied to fields or in the very near future will be, (although the horrendous weather we have been experiencing recently has certainly not been helpful) and […]