Further Funding Available Through LEADER Grant Funding

LEADER grant funding is available for projects to improve farm productivity, such as direct drills, GPS systems, mobile sheep and cattle handling systems as well as farm diversification projects such as farm shops, shepherd huts, collaborative grain drying facilities or pack houses for example.

Local Action Groups who are near to allocating their remaining funds are applying to DEFRA in October for further funds.  Grant limits are typically £50,000 at 40% grant funding giving a total capital spend of £125,000, however it is worth speaking to your local LEADER program manager as we have now applied for funding on projects where the grant received will be over £100,000.

Now is a good time to take the unique opportunity Brexit will offer in the push to get grants allocated before our departure from the EU. Contact Harry Edwards at harryedwards@fcgagric.com  or your local FCG office for specialist grant advice.

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